VP 02-01 - Vacuum filter and Pump

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With the vacuum pump, production waste such as punch or drill waste can be sucked away from the connected production equipment.
The production equipment and the vacuum pump are connected via a vacuum hose. The punch and drill waste is sucked away and trapped into a filter housing, located on the rear side of the vacuum pump housing.

The Vacuum pump is located inside the Stainless Steel housing, the flow and pressure specification of the vacuum pump is chosen depending on the connected production equipment.
Depending of the production and waste type, the filter must be cleaned regularly.

To clean the filter, the vacuum pump must be turned off, and the filter housing can be screwed of and cleaned.
The power switch is located on the front of the Vacuum pump housing. Depending on control system on the connected production equipment, the vacuum pump is turned on manually or will be turned on automatically with your production equipment.

Space requirement for the vacuum pump: Length app. 600mm, width 300mm, height 300mm.
The machine is connected to 1x230V AC 50-60Hz 10A