Drain Machine

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The fully automatic drain machine is, in its basic version, designed for production of Redon drains. It offers a freely programmable number of cross-punched relieving eyes, hot stamped marks and cutting of the tube.

The Fully Automatic Drain Machine comprises of:

  • Tube rack - holding two tube reels with an outside diameter of max. 450 mm
  • Tube reels feed unit - where speed can be adjusted.
  • Hot stamp unit - for printing of distance marks.
  • Punch tool frame - connected to filter housing and a vacuum pump for suction of residuals.
  • Punch tool unit - for punching of two relieving eyes at a time.
  • Tube position and feed unit - to ensure the exact position of the tube for punching, cutting and the hot stamp
  • Cut unit - for cutting the tube into the desired length.
  • Counting and bundle unit - to transport the finished Redon Drains out of the machine and placing them, in one of two trays, altering based on a selected number (e.g. 100) in the tray.

The drain machine is controlled by a PLC and all settings and interaction with the machine takes place from the touch screen. The production data for each product type can be stored in the PLC.

When changing the product type, the respective punching tool has to be mounted and the product type number entered on the touch screen - then the machine is ready for production.

Tube specification

Tube sizes from CH 8 to CH 18. Maximum tube length 1200 mm

Production capacity

The production capacity is between 600 - 1.200 pieces per hour, depending on the tube length, eye pattern and operator skill and training.


The fully automatic drain machine is connected to 3x230/400V AC 50-60Hz 10A and min. 8 bar  clean and dry compressed air.