HD 02-03 - Automatic micro eye drilling

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The machine HD 02-03 is designed for automatic drilling of multiple small eyes. Eye pattern can be distributed on R rotation and linear Z-axis. The machine can store up to 50 different product recipes. Each recipe can contain up to 50 eye positions, where rotation patteren and linear position can be stored. Recipes can be stored, edited and loaded from the touch colour display.

If required the machine can also be used for manual drilling of e.g. pigtail catheters. Drill jigs can easily be changed, depending on the CH size and tube shape. The drill motor unit can easily be moved vertically for quick change of hole drills punches. The stop position of the drilling head is adjustable in depth to allow drilling of multi lumen tubes.

The eye drilling can be done with ether spiral drills or with hole punch drills. If using a hole punch drill, the waste can automatically be collected and registered, and thereby ensure no remaining residues inside the tube. Drill waste is disposed of by a connected vacuum system.


The tube is fixed in the tube grip fixture using a predefined zero point. Once the tube is positioned, the operator can start the drilling process by pressing the pushbutton.

Depending on tube and jig type the tube jig is manual turned and several holes can be drilled in the same tube. The jigs can easily be replaced for different tube sizes and hole pattern.
As an option the machine can be supplied with an XY table, for fine adjustment of the jig position.                                                                                           Depending on drill type, the drill waste remains in the inner drill, and will be ejected after drilling by an inner wire, it can be sucked away, if the optional vacuum pump is chosen. As another option, the drilling machine can be supplied with a drilling brick waste detection.

Tube specification

Straight and bended tube, diameter range starting from ø 0.8mm.
Hole diameter between ø 0.5-3.5mm.

Control panel

On the panel the drill speed can be adjusted from 200-6100 rpm. The drilling feed speed also can be adjusted. The adjustment parameters are depending on material and drill type.

Production capacity

The production capacity is depending on the tube material and size as well as the experience of the operator. The eye drill operation is 1.5 sec


Space for the machine: Length app. 700mm, width 530mm, height 515mm. The machine is connected to 1x230V AC 50-60Hz 10A, and requires min. 8 bar of cleaned and dried compressed air.
It is recommended to operate the machine in a clean room environment.