BO 02-03/04 Multiple eye drilling

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The drilling machine is designed to drill 3 or 4 eyes in a rigid thermoplastic materiel. The eyes are positioned 60 / 90 degrees to each other, and with a minimum distance between upper and lower eye pattern.
The raw tube is inserted vertical into the machine, after operation start, the drilling process will continue automatically.
As an extra feature, it can be selected if only upper or lower eye pattern shout be drilled.
The drilling machine must be connected to a vacuum filter pump, to evacuate the drill shavings.

Tube specification

The eyes can be drilled in most hard thermoplastics from CH 8 to CH 42.

Production capacity

The eye drilling machine has a production rate between 300 – 600 units per hour, depending upon the material thickness and the experience of the operator.


The eye drilling machine is connected to 1x230V AC 50-60Hz 10A and requires min. 8 bar of clean and dry compressed air.