SE-TP-01-01 - side formed, soft eye

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The soft eye forming machine is designed to punch two side cut lateral eyes and then form the outside cutting edge on the punched eyes on disposable medical catheters produced from thermoplastic material.

A catheter tube is manually placed and pushed to the end of the punching tool, and the punching of 2 pcs. side cut eyes takes place.
The eye forming takes place after the tube has been punched. Two forming blocks are pressed into the punched eyes for a certain time depending on the specified softness of the eye.

Tube specification

The punching and forming tools are built for sizes from CH 6 to CH 36. One toolset is used for each CH size and eye pattern.

Production capacity

The production capacity is app. 600-1000 catheters per hour, depending upon the CH size of the catheters, material thickness and the experience of the operator.


The soft eye forming machine is connected to 1x230V AC 50-60Hz 10A and requires min. 6 bar of clean and dry compressed air.