PP 37-00 - Cross Punch Press Redon drain

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With the punch tool PP 37-00, 2 x 2 pcs. round lateral eyes are punched in disposable medical catheters.
The punching tools are mounted in the punch press and driven by 2 pcs. pneumatic cylinders operated by a foot pedal.

An eye pattern of 2 x 2 pcs. round lateral eyes are punched in each operation. The 2 eyes are punched 90 ° opposite to each other. Additional eyes are punched by forwarding the tube to the next eye position. The eye position can be read on the ruler.

Tube specification

The punching tool is built for sizes from CH 4 to CH 35. One punching tool is used for each CH size and eye pattern.

Production capacity

The production capacity is between 1000 – 1200 eyes patterns per hour depending on the tube material and size as well as the operator's skill and training.


Space requirement for the punching tool: Length app. 250mm, width 250mm,