Tip forming moulds and dies

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Soebygaard Machine Design offers a wide range of standardized glass and nickel moulds for tip forming of catheter tips.

Standard tip form moulds:

• Nelaton glass moulds CH 3 to CH 36
• Tiemann glass moulds with/without ball CH 5 to CH36
• Whisletip nickel moulds CH 8 to CH26

We also offer glass and metal tip forming moulds on customers demand.
With our wide range of tip forming moulds, most customer specifications can be met.

Customer specific glass and metal tip form moulds:
• Conical open tip
• Conical closed tip
• Open rounded tip
• Multi-lumen closed / open tip
• Tube bending
• Tube diameter reducing
• Tube welding

Depending on the form, the mould will be fabricated in ether glass or metal.

All glass and metal moulds are glued into a standardized brass bushing that will adapt into our Tip forming machines.