TF 05-02 - tip forming - 4 stations, with integrated side punch

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The tipform machine - double with integrated punching tools is designed to form the tip and punch 1 or 2 pcs. side cut lateral eyes for disposable medical catheters produced from thermoplastic material.

Forming takes place when the catheter tubes are placed in the glass or nickel moulds. The moulds are heated to a specified temperature for a given period of time, the heat causes the plastic material to melt. By pressing the tube into the mould, the desired tip shape is obtained. The shape is stabilized by cooling the moulds and the tube for a certain time.

The punching takes place during the tip forming process and no additionally time is used for the punching.

The Tip Form machine is designed to handle 4 tubes at a time. The moulds and punch tools are easily interchangeable.

While two tubes are heated and punched, two other tubes are cooled and vice versa.

Tube specification

The tube tip can be formed in most thermoplastics as closed, open or curved tips in the sizes from CH 3 to CH 42. For each form and size a punch tool and a specific mould is required.

Production capacity

The Tip form machine - double has a production rate between 600 – 1200 units per hour, depending upon the CH size of the catheters, material thickness and the experience of the operator.


The tip forming machine is connected to 3x230V AC 50-60Hz 10A and min. 8 bar
clean and dry compressed air.
The machine must be connected to a suction device for removal of punching remains.