TT 24-00 tip trimming motor

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Tip trimming is used to produce a smooth outside rounding on an open tip suction catheter. The tip trimming takes place with a trimming head.

In principle a trimming head is a wedge for holding a bent razor blade in place, and by rotating the trimming head, the radius on the tube tip is formed. One razor blade lasts for several hundred thousand trimmings in PVC and the razor blade is easy to replace. The trimming head is driven by a frequency regulated AC motor. The shavings are collected in a drawer.

Tube specification

The trimming heads can be used on soft tube material such as PVC, Silicone, PE and PTFE, in the sizes CH 5 to CH 40. One trimming head is used for each tube size and radius.

Production capacity

The production capacity is between 1.000 – 1.200 units per hour, depending upon the CH size of the tube and the experience of the operator.


The tip trimming machine is connected to 1x230V AC 50-60Hz 10A.
The machine can be connected to a filter housing and a side channel blower to suck away the shavings.